Armored Cars, Armoured Chevrolet Aveo Ballistic Steel,

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Dynamic Defense Solutions FZE provide the high performance parts for armored cars, we have highly satisfied customer base of armored vehicles Armoring companies all around the world.

Opaque Armoring using Certified Ballistic Steel​, Cut to Size 3mm to 14.8mm. Ready to install on vehicle, Featuring One Piece ABC Pillar, One Piece Windshield Frame, Large ballistic door frame overlaps, Roof, Floor, Fire Wall, Bulk Head, Vehicle Battery and ECM protection, Steel case fuel tank protection, Engine bay flank armor protection. Complete 360˚ Protection. Laser Cut Ballistic Steel Set Available for following Platforms.

  1. Armored Sedan Cars
  2. Armored SUVs
  3. Armored Cash-in-Transit Vehicles
  4. Armored Passenger Transport
  5. Armored Tactical Vehicles
  6. Armored Personnel Carieers (APC)
  7. Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP)
  8. Mobile Armored Check Point

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Dynamic Defense Solutions deal in full range of armored car parts starting from Ballistic Steel Sheets, Cut to Size Steel Plates for armored vehicles, Bullet Proof Armored Glass, Heavy Duty Suspension, High Performance Brake Systems, Runflat Systems, Heavy Duty Tyres, Heavy Duty Wheel assemblies, Machined Heavy Duty Door Hinges, Heavy Duty window actuators. Our range covers protection levels of B6, B7 categories.

Address: Office  I1-205A,  Block I1, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Makhtom St., Ajman Free Zone, Ajman, United Arab Emirates, Phone: +971529047979 WhatsaApp: +971528395041 Email:



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