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Dynamic Defense Solutions Company is the world’s leading internationally recognized Armored vehicles and Armored cars parts and Accessories Manufacturer and Supplier. Our certified solutions Armoring Kit, Bulletproof Glass, Ballistic Steel, Runflats, Armored Suspension, Heavy Duty Brakes, Michelin Pax System are designed and engineered with cutting edge technologies resulting a quality durable product.

Armored cars
Armored TLC 300 New Model Car SUV, Pre Booking Available
Shell-in-the-shell-technology, We offer the highest protection level against attacks.
Bulletproof Glass for 2021 New Armored Chevrolet Suburban SUV
Ballistic Solutions for Armoured Vehicles, High Protection Armored cars parts
17 Inch Runflats for Toyota Fortuner Armored Cars Wheels and Tyres
17 Inch Runflats for Toyota Fortuner Armored Cars Wheels and Tyres

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    Advance technology, operational support.
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    Meet mission requirements, reliable over the long term.
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    Cost effective across the complete life cycle.
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    Conventional , timely.
  • Deliver high performance and responsive products
  • To nurture a long term affable & trusty relationship with internal & external customers
  • To patronize committed, motivated and professionally trained employees who are empathic to market needs
  • Provide credible and affordable strategic solutions

Commitment to People with Integrity and Respect. We encourage creative thinking and visionary ideas that exploit new technologies and business opportunities. We do what is right and honest and always tell the truth. Our people are our greatest asset. We support them in their personal and professional development.


We hired services of Dynamic Defense Solutions for one of our fleet vehicle to be armored. We were amazed to see quality of various components installed in a seamless way, which speaks volume of their craftsmanship. Our modified Chevrolet Tahoe does not only ensure safety of our employees but also makes a bold statement when it comes to looks. Despite going through a massive upgrade, the SUV offers a subtle ride experience for which we cannot thank Dynamic Defense Solutions enough. Really, impressed.

Katpana Inc.

Very professional in business dealing. While I’m away I can simply trust that right thing has been packed and shipped to my clients.