Dynamic Defense Solutions FZE – Armored Stretched Mercedes Benz G B6, B7, VR7 Armored Vehicles and Armored Vehicle Parts

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Vehicle Model: Mercedes Benz, G-63 AMG
Engine & Transmission: 5.5L, G/A, RHD/LHD 
Armoring Level: CEN B6 / B7 / VR7
Extended Measurment:  +30cm/+50cm Stretched
  1. Shell-in-the-shell-technology
  2. Opaque Armoring using certified ballistic steel
  3. Transparent Armor for all glasses
  4. Large ballistic door frame overlaps
  5. Vehicle battery and ECM armor protection
  6. Steel case fuel tank protection
  7. Engine bay flank armor protection
  8. Reinforced door hinges
  9. Reinforced door pillars and posts
  10. Upgarded heavy duty suspension
  11. Performance heavy duty brake system
  12. Run-flat inserts fitted on all rims
  13. Heavy duty tires and rims
  14. Heavy duty window door lifter
  15. Fire Supression System
  16. Additional upgardes & accessories available on request

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