Dynamic Defense Solutions FZE – Armoring/Armored Kit B6 B7 STANAG 4569 Armored Vehicles and Armored Vehicle Parts

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Shell-in-the-shell-technology, Offering the highest protection level against attacks, from weapons and/or explosives. Armoring Kits readily avaialble solutions for Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), Sedan Cars, Passenger Vans, Pickups, Coasters and Trucks. Armoring Kit Includes.

* Armored Vehicle Steel Set
* Bullet Proof Glass Set
* Heavy Duty Door Hinges
* Heavy Duty Suspension
* Run-flats
* Heavy Duty Brakes
* Carpet & Vinyl
* Consumable

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series B6, B7
  2. Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series B6, B7
  3. Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series B6, B7
  4. Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Series B6, B7
  5. Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Series B6, B7
  6. Toyota Prado B6, B7
  7. Toyota Fortuner B6
  8. Toyota Hilux Double Cabin B6
  9. Toyota Corolla B6
  10. Toyota Tundra B6
  11. Lexus LX 570 B6, B7
  12. Nissan Patrol Y62 B6, B7
  13. Chevrolet Suburban B6, B7
  14. GMC Yukon B6, B7
  15. GMC Savana
  16. Mercedes Benz S500 B6
  17. BMW 7 Series B6
  18. Armored Personnel Carrier Toyota 79, 200 Series B6, B7
  19. Armored Personnel Carrier Ford F550 B6, B7




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