Dynamic Defense Solutions FZE – Armored Vehicle PAX System Michelin Armored Vehicles and Armored Vehicle Parts

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  1. Mercedes Benz S500 B6/B7
  2. Mercedes Benz S-Class W220 GUARD B6/B7
  3. Mercedes Benz S-Class W221 GUARD B6/B7
  4. Mercedes Benz S-Class W222 / C217 / Maybach
  5. Mercedes Benz S -Class W222 GUARD B7/VR9
  6. Mercedes Benz S-Class Maybach W222 GUARD VR10
  7. Mercedes Benz G-Model W463 GUARD B6/B7
  8. BMW E67 Security
  9. BMW F03 Security
  10. Audi D3 4E Security
  11. Audi D3 4H Security

Our wide range of product line also covers Michelin PAX safety tyres for armored vehicles of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes also along with accessories for Michelin PAX wheels (alloy wheels, supporting rings, PAX gel, tire pressure sensors).

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