15 Inch Runflats for Armored Cars

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Dynamic Defense Solutions is world best company in offering complete range of Armored Cars Parts, Our 15 Inch Runflats for Armored Cars provide High Mobility Solutions, Mainly this size is available for Runflats of Toyota Hiace Van Super Grandia, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, with decade of experience in Armoured Vehicles Armoring Solutions resulting highly satisfied customer base. Our Products are made as per Protection Level Standards EN1063, STANAG Level 4569. Runflats are available in 15 Inch, 16 Inch, 17 Inch, 18 Inch, 20 Inch, 21 Inch and 22 Inch with two piece and three piece segments for High and Low Profile Tyres.

15 Inch Runflats for Toyota Camry Armored Car
15 Inch Runflats for Toyota Camry Armored Car

We deal in full range of armored car parts B6 and B7 levels starting from Ballistic Steel Sheets, Cut to Size Steel Plates Set for armored vehicles, Bullet Proof Armored Glass, Heavy Duty Suspension, High Performance Brake Systems, Runflats Systems, Heavy Duty Tyres, Heavy Duty Wheel assemblies, Michelin PAX System, Machined Heavy Duty Door Hinges, Heavy Duty window linear actuators for following models,  Sedan Cars,  SUV, Trucks, Cash-in-Transit Vehicles , Armored Passenger Transport, Tactical Vehicles, APC, MRAP, Mobile Armored Check Point.

Our 15 Inch Runflats for Armored cars are designed to provide extended mobility when one or more tires are deflated. The Flatovers is made from a specially formulated lightweight, high strength compound designed to resist crack propagation from ballistic attack and severe road hazards. With Proven Performance these Runflat devices to US Army, NATO speed and distance standards of 50km @ 50km/hr (30 miles @ 30 mph).